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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 22, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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been covering the trial from the beginning and joins us at d.c. superior court. >> reporter: laura, it took the jury 3 1/2 days to reach a conclusion. at 11:45 this morning, the judge received a note from the foreperson that they had all reached the same conclusion. judge gerald fisher then asked the jury foeperson to stand. you could feel the tension in the courtroom as she was asked for the verdict. guandique looked up from the table where he was sitting. whatever the decision, he would hear it in spanish through the headphones he was wearing. guilty, the foreperson said to the count of first-degree felony murder/kidnapping. judge gerald fisher then asked what the jury decided for the count of first-degree murder of attempted robbery. guilty, she said. with tears in her eyes, susan levy glared at guandique look for his reaction. two jurors wiped away tears as
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the judge thanked them for their service. late this afternoon, u.s. attorney ron machin, the police chief cathy lanier and the team that investigated and prosecuted guandique made a statement in front of the courthouse. >> our hearts go out to the levy family, which has shown remarkable strength and courage throughout the ordeal. while today's verdict won't give them back their daughter, we hope it gives them some level of comfort and helps them to move forward. >> i can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child. unfortunately in this child, i see too many parents who lost children. but, if i did, i know there was mold -- there would be nothing to make me feel better than to have police officers, police detectives and prosecutors who really care about the family and to bring closure for the family. >> reporter: one of the detectives who closed the case was in the courtroom for the verdict. he, along with detective todd williams and emilio martinez, secured the arrest warrant in the case and escorted guandique
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into the homicide branch before his first court appearance. chandra levy's remains were found in rock creek park a little over a year after vanishing. the police don't know how she died but there was evidence she was violently attacked. perhaps tied up. ingmar guandique was serving time for attacking two other women in the park when detectives decided to take another close look at him and as the proceedings came to a close, guandique stood up, threw his headphones on the table and stormed out of the courtroom. ignoring his defense attorney's pleas to wait. when ingmar guandique is sentenced on february 11th, he's facing a minimum of 30 years in prison and we're going to bring in bernie grim who has been gracious in his analysis over the length of the trial and let's talk about this a little bit. the defense had a lot of questions here and that they could pose to the jury. there is no forensic evidence or eyewitnesses. there is so much here that
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raised doubt about guandique. yet the prosecution pushed ahead and basically got a convict with a jailhouse confession and prior bad acts, what do you make of this? >> the prosecution is to be commended. they did a admirable job and what one could say was a difficult case. when you look at it, i think what the jur he at the end, paul, was watch deeky sitting there at the take -- watch deeky sitting there at table, no suggestion that anyone else did yet other than reasonable doubt. how close he lives to the area and the two other incidents, the prior incidents were compelling and that is what put him in the position he's in now, i think. >> the unknown dna on chandra leavy's tights, it's really a question as to how the jury got by that because it didn't match up with guandique, didn't match up with condet or who that belongs to. yet, the jury was able to overcome it. what do you make of that? that is fascinating for me from
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a forensic standpoint. when you're on the other side of that, it's hard to overcome that when the client's dna is found on the murder weapon or knife, whatever the case might be. the defense put that out there and i believe the government suggested it was an innocent transfer of the some skin cells or touch dna and to this day, i mean, it's -- that is going to boggle my mind forever and ever and ever. >> reporter: this is a completely circumstantial evidencual case. have -- cirquum standual case. you have ever seen anything like this before? >> there is no winners. this is fascinating for me is the amount of time between when the young lady, miss levy disappeared, and all of a sudden the case coming to the courthouse. >> bernie graham, laura, back to you. >> i have to ask you, you have been covering this case ever since it happened 9 1/2 years ago. you have been there every day for the trial blogging from your street in the courtroom. what was your reaction today when you heard the verdict? >> reporter: laura, i have told other reporters and people that i know, friends and i have even
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told bernie i thought it could go either way. even fitting through all of the evidence. i thought that they could get a conviction, and i thought there could be an acquittal. and there was enough evidence for me sitting there and listening to mrs. mendes talking about guandique not denying being involved in, quote, a dead girl and armando morales talking about the confession in jail, and then the prior bad acts. i think bernie would agree with me here, that the prior bad acts, probably hurt guandique more than anything, don't you think? >> and in most cases, that is sort of the icing on the cake. this case for me wases link pin, what -- lynch pin, what locked him into the area. >> and this has been fascinating, thank you very much. it's been a long ordeal, a monumental decision for the jurors, spending weeks here in
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details of one of d.c.'s most notorious murders. roby chavez is their reaction and now that the verdict is n. >> reporter: it was an emotional day, we saw two jurors wiping away tears and afterwards, we spoke with some outside of the courthouse and they said two things: they had enough evidence and this was not a difficult decision and things stood out and that both sides presented compelling closing arguments. the thing that meant the most to them was the witness testimony was compelling. >> it's been very wearing and tiring experience. >> reporter: after nearly a month of service, jurors walked out of the courthouse relieved and weary after reaching a unanimous guilty verdict. >> you're dealing two people's life and i don't take that lightly but very, very seriously. i'm confident with the decision
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we made, but that doesn't mean that i didn't wish we didn't have to be here today. >> reporter: as a group, they decided not to speak about how they got to their decision. for 3 1/2 days, they sat in a small room going over mounds of evidence. >> and we went through it in a very deliberate manner and went through the law very deliberately to make sure we were satisfying the requirements that each law had. >> reporter: only three jurors spoke afterwards. members of the 9 women and three-man panel did say they were moved by the gut-wrenching testimony of guandique's past victims. >> it was powerful. >> and why? >> because of the, motion. they were very -- it was, i think, it would have been hard for anyone in the courtroom not to be moved by their story. very powerful. >> reporter: jurors said it was a life-changing event. >> and that whole process, everything about my life specifically has had to change. i have had to change my work
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schedule, had to change the way i think, the way i process information, i can't ask questions, couldn't do any research on my own. >> reporter: as tough as it was, jurors are reminded that none of their hard work can bring levy back for her mother or family. >> i think she has to take from this what she will. we can not bring back her daughter and nobody here can do anything to bring back the daughter and we did the best week with the evidence we were given. >> i think that is key for the jurors. they take this job seriously and look over the evidence and at the law and came away with a guilty verdict today. >> not to take anything away from the jurors who had to make a huge sack tice to take part in the trial, but did you get a sense from them that some of them want to go on and tell the story? you know, as we're hearing a lot in the high-profile cases,
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and that they go on and write books? >> reporter: most were united and didn't want to talk about the specifics about what led their hand and they wanted to talk about how this impacted them, how engaged they were, the kinds of things they looked at in terms of the law and the evidence and to let everyone know that there was evidence. it didn't seem like anyone wanted to take this beyond this and many, i think, are ready to go back to their lives. >> all right, roby chavez at d.c. superior court. >> and it's been a long journey for chandra levy's family. the mother sat through much of the trial and spoke out today after the verdict was reached. karen gray houston was outside the courthouse today. what was her reaction? >> and it's hard to know exactly what it's like to lose a loved one to murder and she reacted like a mother who lost her child to violence and won't get her back. >> reporter: susan levy has been pressing for justice for 9
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years since finding out that chandra was leaving. a reporter asked if, with ingmar guandique found guilty, she's found a sense of peace. >> i'm not sure of the sense of peace, but i can tell you it ain't closure. >> reporter: it's been a painful ordeal for levy and her family. the disappearance of the federal enter, suggestions that then-congressman gary condit might have been responsible. allegations of an extra marital affair, her body finally found in rock creek park and then the link to guandique. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb, missing from our family tree. >> reporter: over the years, susan levy has grown accustomed to the spotlight. her comments after the verdict read from scribblings on notebook paper, thanked various victim rights advocacy groups and opened with something her daughter used to say. >> i would like to say what
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difference does it make, the same thing my daughter used to say to me all the time and that is a profound statement. it makes a difference to find the right person responsible for my daughter's death. >> reporter: susan levy sobbed out loud and looked at guandique as the verdict was read and told reporters she doesn't know what she was thinking but knows she misses her daughter. >> it's painful, i live with it every day and -- my son, my mother and other family members. >> reporter: chandra's mother noted the holidays are approaching and asked the media to give her family time to be together to try to find a new normal. laura. >> thank you. we want to get your reaction to today's verdict in the chandra leavy murder try. you can sound off on our website, go to and find the link on the home page to take to you the comment section.
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is to toscan or pat down? that is the question on millions of minds flying this week. tonight, tsa employees are weighing in. coming up next. plus, the countdown to the biggest sales of the year officially on and this time around, there are brand-new ways to save. the fox 5 money team is helping you navigate the bargaining. >> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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students gathered where a student was attacked to death to friday, miguel garcia. police believe it was a gang rivalry. there was an increased police presence at the school and officers are spinning -- stepping up patrols in the surrounding areas. the two groups have been feuding in the area the last few months and 18-year-old from monasses and a 17-year-old from fairfax have been charged with murder and gang participation. >> an extremely tragic case any time a young person is killed and when they murdered and these people are held by bond and hopefully justice will be served. >> police believe friends are responsible for a stabbing on saturday. the targeted someone connected to the suspects and that victim survived. tsa is sending a signal to airline passengers tonight. we feel you. and no pun intended. after days of comments and
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returns, screening procedures. the tsa has gotten the message and may rethink how airport security is done tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: you remember all of this started during an exchange between a passenger who is objecting to one of the envaseef searches and that soon spread like wildfire on the internet. tonight, the head of the tsa is going to re-evaluate how tsa does its business ahead of one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. >> reporter: at reagan national airport, they were still scanning in the close contact body searches, bodies were being contacted. while many passengers will acknowledge they're important for security reasons, that does not mean they like it. >> i have been pretty invasively searched. >> reporter: she's been searched in places she would rather not say, but will say there should be a bitter way. >> a patdown's fine and
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invasive searching, i don't think that needs to be done to the level. >> reporter: the head of the transportation security administration is going further in acknowledging the public concern saying that tsa will re- evaluate the policy. >> there has been a reaction that not many could have predicted, including myself. >> reporter: john pistol, tsa's chief said the administration will come up with new search procedures that are as effective and not as uncomfortable. >> if we can do it less invasively as has been the request, i'm open to doing that. >> reporter: the critics say the government could have avoided all of this if it had done a better job of explaining the policy. >> and we're americans and allowed to question our government. >> reporter: he works for the union representing 13,000 tsa officers and who he said face resistence and ridicule. from the public the officers are working to protect. >> the tso seems to be at the
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point and seem to be the ones catching all of the flack from all directions and they're trying to make our travel safe. >> reporter: known for the undercover sting of federal agencies will work with tsa and to make sure new procedures are effective at finding banned items. in the meantime, some flyers say he has a suggestion for anyone planning a protest in front of him this thanksgiving. >> ride a bike and -- that is the unfortunate environment we're in these days. >> reporter: the security's concerns are starting to extend to the tsa officers and, brian, the union tell us they have had scattered reports around the country of physical confronting as and from passengers objecting to be searched and say something needs to be done about this and quickly. >> all right, tom. we'll be watching. americans are feeling a little better about their financial situation, apparently and that is what retailers want
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to hear, especially heading into the most important season and as melanie alnwick is here to show us, shoppers are being quite cautious with the cash. >> reporter: the numbers are good but not great. 41% said they do plan to spend less and everyone is trying to squeeze the most out of their holiday budgets and i have two big tips for people: mall coupons and mobile coupons. >> i'm out there. >> reporter: the holidays are an exciting time for kids and retailers and for shoppers saying they want to avoid the crush of the mall. the shopping centers have a great comeback, exclusive deals and this place negotiates special discounts at the stores. scour shopping center websites to plan ahead. >> we host midnight madness and we open at 12:00 a.m. and stores have promotions from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. that are unique to the tyson's corner center store and we have
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people shopping at the pottery bar from 1-1:30 and to grab that. >> reporter: they can print out coupons like this one for $10 off of a $35 purchase at crab tree in evelyn. >> thank you. >> and you can go paper less. download mobile coupon apps to your smartphone and you'll be sent limited time offers at stores near where you are. >> and there are a number of websites, coupon shirpa, youza. the visit fairfax virginia coupon has a lot of coupons available for retailers. >> reporter: west elm and crock popped up and so did this coupon at sports authority. >> you see a thousand-dollar tread mill, you come in and 25% off. >> same thing for golf balls. click on the coupon and show it to the cashier ringing up the savings. tyson's corner is not the only shopping corner offering
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incentives. it pays to plan ahead and is important to remember whether you're getting discounts and you're giving something to the retailers. you have to allow gps location on the phone, which allows retailers to know when and where and what you buy. >> and giving up some privacy there, melanie. i saw in your story that you tried these today? >> i did. i can't believe that am -- i haven't done it yet and it worked out pretty well and took me time to download it and that could be that my phone was taking time. when i was in the store issue it took me time to get that coupon to come up and you had to keep hitting locate. if you want to try this, go on some of the sites we have on tonight and download the mobile apps and play around with them the next few days and get yourself ready. >> thank you very much, melanie. and it was a gorgeous day and will it lead to a fabulous evening. >> gary has a sneak peek coming up.
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>> airing on the side of caution today. i got the kids dressed up in their big winter jackets. it was cold and by noon, i was in shorts. >> you walk outside, it was not that at all. >> very prepared. >> i know, exactly right. and gary mcgrady, how long will this continue? >> reporter: put the iphone away for your weather forecasting and check fox 5 in the morning. step outside of the door. >> it was cold. >> and that will get you going and let you know what you need to wear. >> how cold? >> just the plug. >> at 8:30, it was 45 degrees. >> it was. >> and i have no idea. >> exactly. >> and -- didn't have to go to school in the until 1930. and this -- until noon 30. let me show you big thunderstorms to the west here. a severe weather pushing through parts of illinois and through chicago now. they do have some tornado watches in place there, not seeing active tornado warnings. earlier, west of chicago, they were there. back here at home, a couple of
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clouds but mainly a nice evening out there. we may develop a little bit of fog overnight tonight. the temperature right now, 59 degrees. we have been in the low to mid- 60s for highs today and this is what it looks like this evening. the temperatures mid-50s at 7:00 about the same right on through the evening. tonight, the temperatures only in the upper 40s to lower 50s. and for tomorrow, brian, it's going to be very warm. approaching 70. we'll talk about that complete forecast coming up. >> and that iss disparity. you did -- the disparity. are popular drinking glasses laced with lead? another toxic chemical. >> don't miss the disturbing results of a new investigation. beth. 6% of the clients at this food bank this year are new. meaning they have never come here to ask for food before. it says about the economy. that story is coming up.
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>> an early thanksgiving feast at george washington university. all to say thank you to veterans. the university hosted the lunchon for more than 100 veterans, including some from walter reed, the national naval medical center and vincent hall retirement community. the students joined them for lunch to talk about their experiences. one vet told us that the event was amazing and much appreciated. and lots of peak, too, at food banks in the area. some of those receiving food never imagined they would be there, too. as beth parker shows us, the food banks say this year they working harder to get donations. >> yvonne ward wingfield. >> reporter: 68-year-old wingfield has to make it until december 8th. >> wheat, wheat.
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>> reporter: this will help her get through the next few weeks until her social security check comes. she spends a lot of her money on medicine, she's diabetic so fresh vegetables from here help keep her sugar levels from soaring. >> fresh carrots, onions, black beans. >> reporter: a neighbor with a car drove her here. and yvonne will tell you she's not embarrassed to stand in line at a food bank. >> there is no shame. i worked all my life, i raised my family, they're good citizens of society, and that is what this is for. to help out people who need it. >> reporter: what is going on here at mana is a reflection of the times. there are people dropping off food. you can see folks donating right back here. but they're not getting as many donations as they would like. >> this is interesting. we have less than 50 turkeys donated during the holiday season and last year, we saw close to 600. >> reporter: the executive
5:32 pm
director said 60% of the clients are like yvonne, new to the food bank. >> i hear from many of them they have returned to work but many in a lesser example they're underemployed at this point. >> reporter: yvonne said she feels thankful. >> this is a god send. >> reporter: and knows it could be worse. >> i could not have a place to live, i could not have food. >> reporter: and she's grateful for those who donated. people like jack wang and the company he works for. >> i have a big family and we have thanksgiving dinner every year and some people don't get this tha. >> i'm thankful and blessed . >> have a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, you, too. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> for more information about mana food center, visit our website, and you will find it under news links. it's a short week for most because of the thanksgiving holiday. but loudoun county school employees are getting the entire week off with pay. this was week was scheduled to
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be a furlough week. and the county found the money to pay teachers and staff after all and it was too late to add them into the school year and now they're getting the full week off with pay. the irs trying to give away $164 million to taxpayers and that comes from more than 110,000 undelivered tax refund checks. make sure the irs has your correct address. update with the where is my refund tool and go to story details. the average refund check is $1,500. in northwest d.c., crews are working on a house fire and this is the scene along 16th and oak streets and we told that one person died and 16th street is blocked in both directions and obviously, the flames are out and that is's traffic mess now. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them.
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>> a fox 5 consumer alert that every parent needs to hear and that is a warning of dangerous levels of lead. the lab test commissioned by "the associated press" found some glasses of led up -- lead up to 1,000 times the limit. allison seymour explains. >> reporter: they're collectible drinking glasses featuring cartoon characters, comic book heros and the splashes of color come with potentially dangerous medals. >> you have glasses being made, marketed and sold that would have these levels of lead that wouldk seed federal guidelines. >> reporter: up -- exceed federal guidelines. >> reporter: up to 1,000 times. in these glasses with characters from d.c.comics and the wizard of oz, the laboratory testing commissioned by "the associated press" found high levels of the even more dangerous cadmium and there are no federal limits on the surfaces of these glasses. and the super hero and oz glasses are made in china,
5:35 pm
purchased at a warner brother studio store in burbank, california. the findings are part of a continuing ap investigation into dangerous medals in children's products and this summer, method's recalled 12 million glasses when cadmium escaped and after that, the ap randomly brought glasses appealing to kids. >> what else might be out there right now and looking back because, of course, the collectible glasses have been in serkidation -- circulation for decades and what may have been going on over time as l. >> reporter: testing shows it was easy to find glasses and to appear to violate the federal lead laws and it's up to the government to see if -- and subject to strict limits for lead. if not, the levels would be legal. the danger is the colorful designs can wear away. metal and enamel and lead can
5:36 pm
reduce iqs, cadmium is a carcinogen and may harm kidneys and bones over time and all of this has some worried. >> it affects the choices we make. definitely, it's affecting, you know, the way we purchase. >> the ap tests glasses for how much lead and cadmium could escape and those results pointed to potential health concerns. >> the levels are low in the sense of they're not -- 19 is going to touch this glass and put their hand to their mouth and fall ill and this is a low level over time concerned. >> reporter: the importer of the glasses said they passed all relevant testing. both the importer and warner brothers said the glasses are marketed to adult collectors and not kids. for years, companies in the u.s. have tried to get rid of
5:37 pm
lead and done rages but cadmium is an important pigment. without it, glasses like these might be safer but not as colorful. allison seymour, fox 5 news. 47 years ago today, the world was reeling with news of the jfk assassination. tonight at 10, an exclusive interview with someone write rite there that day who has never spoken before in detail. here's bob barnard. >> reporter: brian, clint hill is a 78-year-old retiree who lived in al,andrea for most of his adult life o. this day in 1963, he was the 31-year-old secret service secret service agent who climbed aboard the presidential limousine in dallas, seconds after john f. kennedy was shot. >> i had a very, very sense of guilt that i didn't do enough to do what i should have done. >> reporter: that is clint hill, 47 years ago today pushing the first lady, jackie kennedy, into the limousine secs after the president was
5:38 pm
assassinated. you will hear more about his place in history later tonight. for now, mr. mill hill tells the story of two john f. kennedys leaving the white house on that faithful trip. >> little john who loves helicopters wanted to fly along and they allowed him to fly from the white house to andrews and with his agent. we got to andrews, he wanted to go on air force one on the trip. he wanted to go with mom and dad and couldn't and he was very fussy and the president turned to the agent and said mr. foster, please take care of him until i get back and that line resonated with all of us agents since that time because he never made it back. >> reporter: tonight on our newscast at 10:00, clint hill will tell you in detail what it was like on that dark day in dallas, how it was to be there in that terrible moment in our nation's history, laura. >> and look forward to your report. >> we do.
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>> a rare glimpse of history uncovered. >> talking about an archaeological find two years in the making. next.
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>> an exciting glimpse into history. archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old swimming pool while excavating a site for a bath. the find gives historians a rare look into pagan city the romans built after destroying jerusalem and said it was larger than thought. and looking back at bethlehem. the cathedral opened the annual exhibit of nativity scenes created around the world and this is the 20th year. they give it a collection of 800 nativity scenes and 80 are put on display every year.
5:43 pm
a foggy start and gave way for sunshine. >> it sure did. the forecast is just ahead. we'll be right back. wiacs
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>> good news for the skins, the burgandy and gold escaped nashville barely with a victory over the titans. the bad news, came at a price. sports director dave feldman is live now. >> reporter: a big price, seven players injured during the game yesterday that had to leave and that is not including two players that didn't make the trip. landry and rogers and chad simpson injured in warm-ups. how was your day if you're the redskins coaching staff? here's a breakdown of the injuries. safety, anderson russell began the parade and suffered an injury and today was put on injured reserve.
5:47 pm
on portis reaggravated his groin, limited to the first quarter, five carries and will be re-evaluated. a knee injury was inserted into an already depleted offensive line. the linebacker rocky mcintosh left with a sore groin. the head coach is pleased without the reserves performing in an emergency role. >> these guys on our team are pro football players and not everyone had a opportunity to prove what they could do and i think you saw, you know, yesterday a bunch of players step up and they prove they can play. that is what we expect our guys to do even though we have injuries and doesn't mean they can't play at a high level than we expect them to play at the level. >> we keep the dropping guy after guy, play after play, some time in back to back place. never been a part of anything like that and, you know, just shows the reis insill yepsy of the guys in the locker room to keep fighting. >> reporter: how bad was it for the redskins? the trainer, eric stewart, slipped at halftime coming out of the tunnel and injured his
5:48 pm
knee and he was unable to perform in the second half. you know it's bad when the trainer is getting hurt. coming up attasks -- coming up at 6:00, the next o own sent the vikings, they're minus a point and that had to be brad childress or farve. what that means for the redskins. for now, let's go back to brian, laura and the pride of south padre island, texas, gary mcgrady. >> and i can't wait for where he's from every day. >> yeah. >> always creative. >> i have never been to padre island ever. >> no. interesting to know. >> a foggy start to the day. it was, it was foggy and burned off nicely and temperatures today, as we talked about, did warm up nicely. >> yeah. >> mid-60s for everybody. >> beautiful. >> and sue and i had not a debate by any means but we talked about how potentially warm we think it could get and since fredericksburg was 70 degrees, there will be something in the area tomorrow, 70, maybe higher and we're not going to go 70 here in the city tomorrow, but we will go upper
5:49 pm
60s out there before some clouds and some showers start moving on in and so, as the weekend, it was gorgeous and today is great and tomorrow is just about as good. how about this evening? well, it's nice out there and temperatures in the 50s now for just about everybody. it's 56 at 7, 54 at 9 and 11:00, temperature of 53. notice, i mean temperatures don't get dramatically colder this evening. it's 59 here in the city. fredericksburg, again, we mentioned the it with 70 earlier and cooled down so to60 degrees now and let me step out of this. areawide, look at columbus, ohio, 68 degrees right now and they wereef is degrees earlier and there is a big area of warm air here and it's going to stay in place the next couple of days, okay, i think there is a potential that tomorrow we sore way up into the upper 60s and close to 70. st. louis now, 70 degrees and chicago, 63. there is a line of severe weather moving through chicago right now and in the 80s, all the way into texas, i would
5:50 pm
imagine south padre island is like 87. something look that and very warm temperatures down there. here's the severe weather moving in to parts of chicago now and this will come out across lake michigan. most of this will stay north of us and we'll watch it for late tomorrow afternoon. because what is left of it will start to come on through. you will notice the clouds get thicker tomorrow afternoon and we won't start out with any fog or, should say, we won't start off with as much fog tomorrow morning as this morning and may be out there a little bit. the temperature at 8:00 a.m., in the mid-50s. 65 degrees by 19 tomorrow as we go -- by noon tomorrow. as we interest go into the afternoon hours, we'll become mostly cloudy and cool off a little bit because of the clouds. the temperatures in the afternoon, upper 60s and by 4, 5:00 as that front gets closer to us, we can have some showers moving on through. this is future cast and this is tomorrow evening at 5:00 and notice just along this fontal
5:51 pm
boundary, this is -- there is at lost a possibility of showers. don't expect thunderstorms or anything like that and tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening's commute could be just wet out there and which could slow things down just a bit. look what happens when we get into wednesday evening. of course, the big travel day, the big getaway, there will be showers up here for o'hare and just rain showers. okay. the snow looks like it's well to the north and to the west. there will be some snow around minneapolis and if you have some connections there, it could be a bit of an issue. dallas looks good. atlanta looks good. all the major airports look good and, as you can see here, we're still talking about cold air coming in on wednesday and out to the northwest. along this jet stream wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening, that is what we're thinking that there could be showers and thunderstorms and then, again, beyond that up in the cold air, there is still going to be some snow. the east coast for wednesday, looks really, really nice for travel. i mean up and down the east
5:52 pm
coast. all day wednesday and into wednesday night. so, we should not have any problems there and notice the temperatures after tomorrow and the upper 60s will cool off dramatically on wednesday. it will be chilly and that is going to be very, very nice and looks like loads of sunshine. the showers in here on thursday and a high of 56. and for, of course, what is probably the most important day, black friday, 51 degrees and some showers. it will be cool and wet there and as we get into the weekend, again, looks like it's going to be a nice weekend, both days dry side. >> okay. >> there you are. >> okay. >> gary, thank you. talk of the town on tmz. gwyneth paltrow's guest appearance on glee. did you see it? it's gotten rave reviews of fans and lindsay lohan is not happening about it, threatenning to sue over a joke said on the episode. harvey levine joins us now. what is the joke about and who is talking about this today? >> reporter: well, the joke was basically that gwyneth paltrow
5:53 pm
was a substitute spanish teacher teaching the class in spanish that lindsay lohan is mui crazy. it was funny, actually, and that she has been in rehab five times. deana said we're going to sue, which is ridiculous, you can't sue for sarcasm. we got jane lynch out and said it's not going to be the last lindsay joke this season on glee, so there. >> they're not threatened by her threats? >> not a bit. >> all right. harvey levine, thank you very much. we'll look for more at 6:30 here on fox 5 is the&tmz. coming up on the news edge at 6, chandra levy's accused chiller found guilty of first- degree murder. we'll have more reaction to the verdict 9 years in the making. and d.c. is at number one and still high on the list. find out where the district ranks among the most dangerous cities in the nation. and a rough road ahead for one of maryland's richest counties. why police, firefighters,
5:54 pm
schools and more could feel the financial squeeze. as county leaders try to trim the fat.
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>> fewer toddlers are showing up and meaning treatment to reaction and cold medicines. the national centers for disease control believe the drop is tied to removing the infant cold medicines from the shelf in 2007. the cdc researchers found the number of hospital visits by which were under 2 involving coldmeds and dropped by more than 50%. if you're trying to cut down on fat and calories, thanksgiving is a huge challenge. with a few strategies, you can have a healthier holiday. why not make your own cranberries? boil the cranberries and orange juice and add apple juice and skip the store-bought pumpkin pie. make your own. cut down on the sugar and fat
5:58 pm
by half and getting exercise as well can offset the damage. >> my husband talked me into doing the turkey trot this year. in the morning, im -- in the morning, i'm running the 5k. >> look under news links on changes -- thanks for joining us at five. the news edge at 6 starts right now. today's verdict does send a message that it's never too late for a murder to be held accountable for the crime and never too late for justice to be served. >> guilty. after days of deliberations, jurors reach that verdict in the chandra leavy trial. by no means was this a slam dunk case. the prosecutors had no witnesses or dna evident or murder weapon. in the end, they got the verdict they wanted and the
5:59 pm
jury found ingmar guandique guilty of two counts in the death of the intern. the salvadorian jim grant could get anywhere from 30 more years to life in prison. paul wagner is following the trial every step of the way now. paul. >> reporter: at 11:45 this morning, the jury sent a note to the judge saying they had reached a verdict. and as everyone raced to the courtroom, they ran inside and sat down and you can feel the tension building, brian and mrs. levy was sitting to the right and sat straight up. the judge turned to the foperson and said please stand and tell me how you find ingmar guandique in the count of first- degree felony murder kidnapping. she replied guilty. as the jury left the courtroom and the proceedings came to a close, ingmar guandique stood up from his chair and through the head phones he was wearing on the table in


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